Thursday, February 28, 2008

The steamroller never runs out of gas

I'm convinced of it. Those NCBE committee members that work on MBE questions are from hell. There were some really weird questions on there. It felt just as hard as last summer. I do feel like there were a decent handful of questions that I knew cold- maybe 30 (more than last summer). There were definitely a lot that seemed odd and I was eliminating wrong answers and got to two....hopefully my chance in the 50/50 game come out in my favor.

Nothing to do but try and unwind and come down from the clouds (up from the depths of hell?!) and get back to normal life: not listening to PMBR lectures on iPod to/from work, going to class every night for 6 weeks, looking only at essays, outlines and MBE questions every weekend for the past two months, etc.

I hope everyone picked up enough points to survive. Nothing to do but wait for the results. For D.C. they told us May, but the last three February results have been posted on 4/25/07, 5/16/06 and 4/29/05.

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L said...

i hear you on the PMBR lectures on iPod! i'd listen to the lectures on my iPod while at the gym.

it's really hard to get motivated to work out while listening to contracts.