Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MBE raw score

I just looked at the CA MBE conversion chart here and saw that my raw score was a 136 (which was scaled to a 150.7).


Last July, my raw score was a 106 which scaled to a 126.7. Thirty (30) points higher!
I am amazed (and happy)!


calbar blondie said...

Congrats to you! What mbe program did you take to improve so much to passing?

Midwesterner in D.C. said...


Thanks. I did mostly the same thing as last summer this time around:
6 Day and 3 Day PMBR

This time there were a few things I think I can attribute my MBE improvement to:
-Listening to the PMBR cds (I had them last summer, but no time to listen to them. This time, I listened to them via iPod while riding the Metro for the seven weeks before the exam)
-Better effort/focus on learning the wrong answers for the MBE questions I did. I really tried to nail down the questions as I worked on them. Writing down answers, adding to my outline, making a few flashcards...whatever it took to help get a point of law into my head.

Honestly, I thought the MBE this Feb felt just as bad as last summer. The only difference I really noticed is in how many questions I thought I knew immediately after reading the question; last summer, I thought it only felt like 5-10 per half of the exam. This time it felt more like 10-20. The remaining questions were just as nebulous, confusing and shitty as before. Damn you NCBE!
I also thought the explanations in the Strategies & Tactics book by Walton & Emanuel was helpful. They give great answers for all the choices. I probably should have done more out of that book (I think I did 30-40 per subject). Really, I did the bulk of my questions using the BarBri StudySmart software so I could hone in on my areas of weakness. (With my MBE score, I got right around 70% correct, which is a little higher than what I was averaging during all of my practice questions.)