Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 2008 DC Bar Exam - MEE subjects tested

In case someone comes across this while searching for information on the DC bar exam, I figured I would bump a comment up that was left in my "Thoughts on the DC Bar Exam" post.

The MEE subjects tested were (per an anon comment):


Took the DC essays yesterday. Two MPTs, as predicted they like memo to partner format (they were both memos to partners).

Essay subjects tested:

ConLaw (this was to be expected)
Agency & Partnership
Fed Civ
Contracts (was more like remedies)

No neg instruments or sec trans, refreshingly enough! You can see they like MBE subjects, though. Thanks for the help."

Right now those taking the MBE are approaching lunch and (hopefully) the last 100 questions of their bar life. Good luck to all.


Anonymous said...

just as a note, the con law question was mixed with torts, about defamation and invasion of privacy - how the first amendment applies to them.

Anonymous said...

What happenned to the rule that DC "always tests Family Law" and "never tests Trusts?" Seems Family Law hasn't been tested the last 2 exams and Trusts has been the last 3 times. Seems like there's no method to this madness!

Anonymous said...

February 2009 MEE topics:

Civ Pro
Commercial Paper

That's three traditional and three "MBE" essays.

Jericho said...

Hi! I just finished taking the NV bar exam. I am looking to take DC. I already got the Barbri books but I am in need of the Barbri assignment reading schedule to pace with. I was wondering if you have one or know someone who does. I'd appreciate the info. Thank you very much. My name is Jericho and my email address is

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Jericho- Why are you going to start studying for the DC exam before you know if you can waive in with your MBE score from Nevada?

My schedule moved along when I sold my DC BarBri books last summer so I don't have anything for you. In general, it is going to be just like what you did for Nevada, only with the DC subjects (I don't know how many, if any at all, overlap).
Good luck (although I would not be doing anything until your results are back in the coming months).

Anonymous said...

Can I just study from a general MEE study guide or do I need to know some specific DC law? I keep getting different answers?

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Anon- There is no DC specific law on the DC bar exam.
Get your hands on the DC Conviser from BarBri. It has outlines for all the MEE subjects.
I used my outline from my first bar exam and made a few subject additions/deletions to match the MEE. It worked fine for me.