Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Official

I was sworn in this past Monday at the D.C. Court of Appeals. There were at least three ceremonies that day that I heard about and I saw a fair number of people I recognized from BarBri. Nice!
I must say that the actual ceremony was a little anticlimactic-almost like an afterthought.
A guy (the monotone bar exam instruction reader guy) checked to see who was there. Then another guy (I think he was from the committee of law examiners) stood in front of the three judges (I didn't even get their names) and read his motion to admit us. The judges looked at the list and approved the motion. Then the head judge read each name and we had to stand. After all the names were read we did the old "raise your right hand and repeat after me...". Fewer lines than I thought, but good enough. After listening to the head judge's "mini graduation speech" about practicing law and doing some pro bono work, we were on our way to sign a card outside the court room.
Now I just need to wait three to four weeks to get my bar number. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Congrats... I was so embarrassed when they butchered my name. ;) Did you go to the ethics course yet? Because if you haven't... wooo-wheee was that boring.

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

I was surprised at how well that judge did with her pronunciations...not too many were off. It would have been nice if the name-checker guy had taken a few notes on how to say the tough names..
I am waiting on the ethics course for a while. I am going to get licensed in another state and then take the course here so I can get CLE credit for it in the other state. Might as well get more credit for the boring course!