Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Closer to being official

Yesterday I received a letter from the D.C. Court of Appeals that said I have been certified for admission to the D.C. bar. I'm glad they have all their ducks in a row now.

Also included was:
- info about the swearing in ceremony (June 16, at 12 noon, D.C. Court of Appeals Courtroom on the 6th floor)
I am rather annoyed to read that "cameras are NOT permitted inside the courthouse."
-brochure on the mandatory bar course (must be completed within one year of admission, generally offered once a month)
-D.C. bar registration form
-Application for an engraved certificate of admission
-Supplemental questionnaire (asking if you've been bad since you applied)



Anonymous said...

I just received a letter indicating I passed the Feb. 2011 examination. But instead of a letter about the swearing-in ceremony, I received a notice saying the "Committee is/will be reviewing your responses on the examination application, and your certification shall be held in abeyance until further notice." I don't know what could be the problem since I have no criminal record, credit problems etc. Could this mean they just have not finished reviewing my paperwork or is this something to worry about?

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Anon- First, congrats!
I'm not sure where my pass letter is these days (and I'm not motivated enough to look for it) but that letter did include something about how my application was still pending. It sounds like they may have changed the wording, but the result was the same. You scored enough to pass, they are just slow with the paperwork.

Check out my post on 4/28/08 titled "Thoughts on the DC Bar Exam) ( and look at the first two comments.