Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A temporary halt in the bombardment

OK- day one is behind us. Everyone made it and got through relatively unscathed- I'm sure of it.

The D.C. essays were today. MPTs weren't too bad. As expected, I was feeling a bit of a pinch on the time. I don't think I really capped off my last conclusion/paragraph in the second essay, but I was damn close. Good enough.

The MEE was better than I expected. It will be interesting to see what the other three essays that the NCBE were that D.C. chose not to use. Today we had (in order):
Wills (undue influence/intestate share distribution)
Torts (strict liability/negligence)
Evidence (correctness of some court rulings on admissibility of three pieces of evidence)
Corporations (duty of loyalty)
Secured transactions (perfection issue/who wins between PAC and LC)
Trusts (violation of numerous fiduciary duties by trustee)

Thankfully no commercial paper. I was a bit surprised that we only got two MBE subjects. Hey- I'll take it. My hand was KILLING me during that last 30-45 minutes. I had Skittles in my pocket but I couldn't really get my hand in there without it pounding. Damn the D.C. Court of Appeals and their no laptop arrangement.

I was amazed at the general lack of organization of the whole setup for the exam. Lax security/tracking of notes/coats and people. Very different experience from my bar exam last summer.
Additionally, there were at least three people that came in late, which I cannot believe. One was about five minutes, one was about 15 and one was about 30 minutes late. Talking about getting your MPTs to be FUBARed. That is just giving away the easiet points!
I cannot imagine what happened to those folks to cause them to be late. And to have three of them?! Last summer no one was late. Then again, maybe we had a late room or something (as I was typing my essays and you had to be there by a certain time to get the exam software booted up).

Additional blasts of good mojo for everyone tomorrow....
For those of us scarred from last summer (or even earlier), we all know the real game begins tomorrow with question 1.
Good luck and remember "You can beat them in ______________(fill in the MBE subject here)" per Rafael Guzman, the BarBri simulated MBE review guy.

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