Monday, February 25, 2008

The time has arrived

The torpedo is pretty much in the water here...not much to do but wait for the explosion and the celebrating. Day one of the D.C. bar exam is tomorrow.

I had a great post written yesterday and when I hit "publish" some error occurred and the back button produced an empty annoying!

I'll try to replicate my brilliance again.

I'm doing a bit of last minute reviewing, trying to look at high level topics just to refresh me on some subjects (for essay purposes) that I haven't looked at in a few days.

I'm nervous, but I've received some great emails and phone calls from friends and family and that has helped. I'll be thinking of some great analogies and thoughts to help keep me calm- something that I think is key to success. I have so much information swirling around in my head- I just have to be logical and organized and try to get out the right nuggets in an orderly fashion tomorrow on the essays. It is still amazing to me just how much information one has to memorize/learn for this damn test. I think I'll be making up a few rules tomorrow- no fact will go unused/applied. CRAC will be flowing heavily. I've really tried to emphasize a concise CRAC format in my essay practice.
I guess the only solace I have in the essays tomorrow is that they are only 25% of our total score so bombing one essay is only around a 4% ding. Hopefully I can minimize any damage to a question or two.
I am feeling pretty good about the MPTs. I did quite a few over the past week. I think the mechanics are there- just need to be organized in my outline. Some of the practice MPTs from previous years were so damn long- it really is an exercise in how to get your outline set up and manage the execution. Lots of blocks to get stacked up in that 90 minute window.
I don't feel great about the MBE, but I do feel better prepared this time around compared to last summer. I've done nearly 2300 questions:
-89% of the BarBri questions using StudySmart- overall average around 63% correct with a low of 59% in Property to a high of 68% in Evidence
-BarBri simmulated MBE
-PMBR 6-Day (300 questions) and 3-Day (200 simulated MBE)
-About 50 in each subject in the PMBR red book
-25 in each subject in the Strategies & Tactics book
-NCBE 2006 Annotated questions (100)

I've really tried to do a better job of critically reading the answers and learning from those explanations. I do think that I have learned a lot more wrong answers this time around- which has been helping overall in eliminating answers. I do seem to have a good handful where I get it down to two and sometimes pick the wrong one- which won't help me. I have to hope that I can use my gut/hunch at this point and not second-guess myself. Let the training take over, young Jedi...

Best of luck to everyone taking the bar exam tomorrow, wherever that may be. A special burst of good mojo to all the repeaters out there.

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