Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another domino has fallen

After being delinquent for a number of months, I finally got my Virginia driver's license. I was holding onto my home state, not really excited about becoming an "official" resident.
Since my license was going to expire in a couple of months, I had to convert (that and technically I was supposed to get a new license within 60 days of changing my domicile to VA). The VA license shows a lot more shirt (head and shoulders) compared to my old license (pretty much just a tight head shot). Strange.

For the record, the Virginia DMV f'in sucks. I spent 1.5 hours there yesterday to fill out a form, show them a bunch of stuff (old license, birth certificate, SS card, pay stub with current address) and get a photo taken. The one good thing is that they give you the license on the spot (about two minutes after the photo).

I was happy to see many of my fellow blogger repeaters passed. One got the shaft. Hopefully he was really close and can nail it this July. That damn CA bar is hard. I'm glad I never want to live there!

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