Friday, May 23, 2008

Unloading bar books feels great

So I've been selling a bunch of my bar study books and it feels like I throwing dead bodies of the ship (none of them killed by me of was the bar examiners!)

I unloaded my midwestern state set on eBay (man, that guy got a great deal!) and my DC books on Craigslist (man, that guy got a great deal!). I sold my Strategies & Tactics and a couple of others on Amazon (they charge a lot of commission). I feels so good to be rid of these shackles and maybe help some other repeater convert to the side of licensed attorney. (Not to mention earning a few bucks back on all the extra money I spent on round two). Of course, it was all worth it now that I am done with bar exams forever!

I still have my outlines/flashcards waiting in the wings....waiting for a bonfire so I can have my outline/flashcard buring party. I think they will look great going up in smoke.

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