Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The coldness of life

I heard yesterday that a friend/old college roommate passed away. Cancer. He was my same age, which is obviously waaaay too young. He has a young daughter with his wife. What a sobering deal. The buddy that called me also let it slip that his dad passed away a couple of months ago. Cancer. Six months after he found out. He was dad age, but still should have had another decade plus in him. Damn.
Here's to you, M.P. and R.N., until we meet again for a couple of cold ones on the other side.

Oh, and I got stung by something last night. I think it was a wasp. It flew near my ear (I heard the omnious mmmmmmmmmm of the wings) and it dinged me right on the shoulder at the neckline of my t-shirt. Ouch. I don't think I've been stung before. Ever. At least, I can't recall ever being stung. Good thing I'm not allergic to anything.

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