Wednesday, October 1, 2008

That time of year again

I know there are people out there anxiously waiting for bar results to be posted or for that letter in the mail...hang in there. Hopefully, everyone reading this will get good news. Nothing like seeing your name or reading that letter that says "I am pleased to inform you...."
If you didn't pass, don't despair. Cycle through the stages of bar grief: disbelief, sadness, anger, a sense of if-Rudy-can-play-football-with-Irish-then-I-can-pass-the-bar-examness. I know- i've been there. Check out some of my oldest posts for more on this.

As a follow up to my bus problems last month, I received a reply from the WMATA on one of my complaints (I never really heard a reply to the other):

"Thank you for your e-mail. Please review the information below received from the division after investigation of your complaint:

At 650 am on xxxxxx Rd. the engine compartment caught fire and the bus was delayed at that location for 1 hour. The fire was extinguished, operator was given a change off and resumed scheduled at 755 am on xxxx.


Helen James
Consumer Representative
Office of Customer Service"

Apparently bus fires can happen. Still annoying that I had to wait like that two days in a row. I wish WMATA had a text message system for bus problems. I would prefer to sleep in another 30 minutes and catch the next bus, or if feeling fresh and rested, get up 30 minutes earlier and catch the bus before.

I started working on my first pro bono case as an attorney last month. Fun to get going on something that will help someone deal with a government agency.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Yes, I'm waiting for the results to come out. I have a feeling they will post late tonight.

Anyway, do you have any idea how DC curves the MPT/MEEs, e.g., what is the scaling factor from raw to scaled? I'm curious to see how generous DC is (or not) in grading.

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Since DC does not tell you your essay scores unless you fail, I have no idea on how they convert raw essay scores to scaled ones.
Try checking with Aspring Solo ( She fought through the DC exam a handful of times before knocking it down and might have more insight on what info you get on the essays.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking through your blog while I wait for my results to come out next month, and gathering study tips in case I have to take the exam again. I'm currently waiting for Maryland results to come out next month, but I need to waive into DC since that's where my firm is located. Did your firm require you to take the DC bar exam after you didn't pass in another state, or did you decide to do that on your own? I'm just weighing the chances of my firm requiring me to take DC if I don't pass Maryland this time around (because the whole process of waiving in takes so very long). If all goes south next month, I would much rather take a bar I've taken before-- especially since I haven't handwritten an exam since highschool!

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Yes, my firm required me to take the DC bar since I didn't pass my home state (missed by one point). Even if I had passed by a point, I still wouldn't have scored high enough on the MBE to waive into DC so I would have been taking the DC bar anways.
It all worked out in the end- I kicked ass on the DC bar and now the whole ordeal is a fading memory that is best retold over cocktails!

Anonymous said...


Just got the results for the DC bar yesterday...and passed! Apparently, the results were mailed out Oct 17, 2008, but for whatever reason, they have not posted on the website yet. Thought this information would be useful for you and/or the readers of this site.

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Congrats anon! Nice work.

It is strange that the results are not posted on the DC Court of Appeals or the DC bar website yet. I found out online before I got my letter in the mail.

I saw someone post on JDU that the DC results were out.

Enjoy basking in the afterglow!