Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inauguration and more

I meant to post sooner after the inauguration but didn't get around to it...

What an amazing day. I walked down towards the Capitol the day before to check out the stage and see what it looked like (since I didn't have tickets to get this close on the actual day).

I was downtown on Tuesday and saw the parade. The crowds were large, but everyone was quite friendly. Definitely an amazing vibe in the air. Being a supporter of Obama, it was neat to see the campaign road finally come to an end (at least until the next cycle starts).

Work has been busy, which is a good thing considering the economy these days. We'll have to see where the coming months take us though. Yikes. I did find out a couple of weeks ago that I did not get a raise for this year. Considering things, I'm happy to be employed at my current rate instead of trying to find a job. Hopefully times will be more prosperous next year so I get back on track.

Say, what is the deal with guys that choose to go into a stall in the work bathroom to urinate instead of using the urinal on the wall? I totally don't get that. Stage fright? Some freak rash? I have always wondered what the reasoning is. Ah, the mysteries of life.

I talked to a friend from law school that is taking a second bar exam in a different state. The big days are fast approaching next week. Man, I can say without a doubt, I totally do not miss that feeling. Last year, my repeat bar exam in D.C. was approaching and my mind was about to explode. It seems like so long ago. I'm done with bar exams for good. For those taking their first, or repeating, or trying to get into another jurisdiction - best of luck. Relax, use the force, and even if you feel like you are five feet nuthin, a hundred and nuthin...think of Rudy.

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