Wednesday, May 2, 2012

February 2012 DC Bar Exam Results

As my time with the DC bar exam grows more distant, my interest fades...hence the infrequent posts.

The February 2012 DC bar exam included the following subjects:

MPT: Two letters (one objective and one persuasive)

Federal Civ Pro

MBE: As usual, watch for the conversion chart on the California bar site (the only state that provides a correlation between raw and scaled scores).

DC posted (online) the bar results yesterday, 5/1/2012 (letters went out a few days earlier): 110 successful applicants out of 237. 66% pass rate for first-time takers and overall pass rate of 48%

Congrats to those that vaulted high enough to clear the bar. To those that didn't make it this time...go through the stages (disbelief, sadness, rage, dedication, application, joy) to reach your goal next time.


Anonymous said...

Any predictions for DC July 2012?

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Anon- No predictions. As with a post last year, I'm out of the prediction game. The number of thoughts I have about the bar exam decrease each day (and I'm into a few decimal points already...).
Use the info I have posted and look for trends, gaps, etc. in the subjects. That is all I did. Nail the MPTs as those are easy points. Remember that each MEE essay is only worth a few percent of your overall score. Good luck!