Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Seems like my cold is on the way out, which is good. Christmas weekend was fun. Well, except for the fact that I had PMBR on both Saturday and Sunday during the day. After that- good times with family and friends.

I came through PMBR with better information compared to May 2007 when I took it. I guess it is just like a class- different lecturers make a difference. I fared pretty well in rest of my questions:

Crim Law/Pro: 25/50
Evidence: 24/50
Contracts: 24/50
Property: 27/50

although a few of the topics definitely felt more difficult and reminded me that I have some refreshing to do (Contracts, Property and Evidence). I handwrote my notes, to get working on the training for writing my DC exam in February. This is going to writing is not good and it is hard to write quickly (as when you are freaking out and trying to write a like like on a bar exam) but still write legibly. I'll have to make it a point to remind myself to take it a bit slower to focus on readability.

I feel like I was able to recall many of the nuances and tricks that some of the questions are trying to exploit. Hopefully this will give me a better base this time around.

BarBri starts on January 3rd- which is coming up fast. Wow.

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