Friday, December 21, 2007

Fighting a cold

I feel a cold coming on. I guess it is better to get one and get it out of the system now instead of later.
PMBR is wearing me down this week. Working all day and then heading to class for 3+ hours is tiring. I wish I had a helicopter so I could be flown home instead of waiting for the takes a while for me to make it home which makes for a long day. Even though I was exhausted yesterday, I managed to get my best score so far on the PMBR questions...31/50. Definitely a good start on Con Law.

I met someone at PMBR last night that is going to be taking the D.C. in February as well...good to know at least one person! It is definitely a different feeling not really knowing anyone out here. I was never a huge study group person in law school, but come crunch time, I did review some things with a close friend or two. This held true for the July 2007 bar as well. I studied with one person, but it was more like helping each other polish up different topics. It would be nice to know a few people taking D.C. as well since the essay topics (MEE) are different from my July exam.

As I mentioned in my last post, my percentage correct on the Studysmart software is looking good so far (73% correct). Last summer, I think I only had around 56% correct or something close to that and I finished within a few points of that on the July MBE, which wasn't as high as I need. I think something in the low 60s to low 70s will mean I'm in a better position for the February MBE.

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