Monday, February 11, 2008

Comparison to last July

This weekend I reviewed the results from the simulated MBE I took on Superbowl, what a difference from last July.

I saved a copy of my July results and compared them to the recent scores:

July: I scored 75 out of 200 (better than 2% of the takers).
Now: I scored 119 out of 200 (better than 77% of the takers).
I guess I added incorrectly when I thought I had 120 or maybe I mismarked one of the answers when transferring to my extra score sheet for review purposes.

Wow. I didn't realize my score was so low last July. I'm definitely feeling better about MBE questions. I am confident I could take the MBE right now and do fairly well (better than the 106 raw score from last July!)- although I hope to hone things a bit more and really kick ass instead of just making it.

I am still feeling the pinch on essays. I'm going to work on a plan/schedule today to make sure I set the correct pace to cover sample essays on all topics and get more MPTs in (since we have two of them here in D.C., which means one will be something other than a memo style).

I found my ziplock bag from this past July: earplugs, mechanical pencils/lead, big eraser, highlighters and my ID badge (with the super late night photo from Walgreens).
Still no admission ticket and it is T-minus 14 days 22 hours until exam time. I guess the D.C. Court of Appeals likes to cut it close.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I am also taking the DC bar exam. I passed NY in July 07 but narrowly missed the waive in option. It sucks. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if you knew what the essay predictions are for this administration. Did you take Marino's class?

Nest of l

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

I took BarBri here in D.C. to make sure I got some help on the essay topics that were new for me. Marino was not one of the lecturers for any of those classes so I guess I haven't had him/her.

BarBri didn't make any predictions for essays. With the change to the MEE format last July (adding in the MBE subjects as potential topics)one data point doesn't provide much guidance on where the NCBE/D.C. folks might go.

After looking at what essays the NCBE had available last summer (D.C. used 6 of the 9, marked with *):
Civ Pro/Conflict of Law
Family Law*
Crim Law*
Commercial Paper

My personal prediction is that the other three MBE topics will be in there
Con Law

Plus there were some subjects that appeared on a very high number of the MEE the last few years that D.C. always seemed to choose, so maybe they'll pick some of them that they didn't hit last summer:
Secured Transactions

And I think Family Law is a fan has been on every MEE since Feb 2004 and. D.C. has used it every time.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight! Best of luck to you too!!

Anonymous said...


I hope your studying is going well!! I just have a question -- when you write your essays do you only state the law for DC or are your answers more like "in the majority of states..., but in a minority of states..." as it is in the essay book. For example, in Family Law, there is the PKPA, UCCJEA and UCCJA. But, the book never says which one applies in DC. Any thoughts?

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Both the BarBri lecture and the MEE essay book include everything along these lines. We didn't learn any D.C. specific family law so I'd say you throw in the specific statutes if you can remember those long names/acronyms. Showing that you know there are a couple of rules never hurts.

Hostess Cupcake said...

Hey do any of you guys that just took the DC bar still have your barbri books? if so, could you post your contact info. Will pay!

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Hostess -

Even though I am partial to the Little Debbie cakes over Hostess can reach me at febbarexam2008 at gmail (should be available in my profile when you click on "view my complete profile" on my main blog page.

I'm waiting to make sure I passed this damn thing before I do anything with my books. I'm guessing most of the handful of people I know from class will be doing the same thing. Drop me a note and once results are out in 3-5 weeks I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has any insight on the upcoming DC bar exam in July 2008 or barbi books from the February exam, please contact me!

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

It seems odd that you could get this close (a specific post in my blog) and not make the basket...
Look at more recent posts of mine and you'll see:
1. I wrote many thoughts (some might call it insight) about my D.C. bar exam experience last February (4/28 post); and
2. I sold my BarBri books (5/23 post).

I hope you get your pencil a little sharper for need it as sharp as possible.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy someone's DC Barbri books. Email is THANKS!