Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crunch time

OK, now it really feels like the exam is close. Tonight is the last lecture for BarBri, which is good. I'm sick of seeing my family-away-from-family five nights a week. I'm going to go explore the exam site in the next couple of days so I can get a feel for it. I got some good insider info from a guy in class about the setup and food situation.

I also got some stuff I purchased from the NCBE: the MEE questions/sample answer from 2007 and the MPT questions/points sheets for 2007. That should be helpful.

I really have a lot of ground to cover on the essays. That is one thing I haven't had time to do many of so far. I turned in the four essays for grading through BarBri but when the paced program calls for four essays in a given topic two or three times a week...I just couldn't swing that, which is OK. I'll be writing/outlining lots of essays and MPTs in the next 20 days.

I've done nearly 1600 MBE questions so far, which I'm feeling pretty good about. The simulated MBE was this past Sunday at GW. I forget how tiring it is to sit through 200 questions. What a chore! I did fare much better this time around compared to last summer. I think I got ~95 correct if I recall correctly. This time I got 120 correct. There were 29 questions where I marked a strong second choice, but my first instinct was correct and 17 I got wrong but my second choice was the correct answer. I thought both of these were good signs. I'll get a detailed score report from BarBri in a couple of days, but a quick self-scoring by subject showed I was pretty even on all subjects:

Crim Law: 19/33 (58%)
Evidence: 20/33 (61%)
Torts: 19/34 (56%)
Contracts: 21/34 (62%)
Property: 19/33
Con Law: 22/33 (67%)

I was a bit surprised at my Crim Law score. I'll have to spend some time on that and see what the deal was- normally I'm a bit better in that area. I know the real MBE will be harder so I need go work on getting these scores a bit higher. Ideally I'd like a raw score of around 130.

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The Law Activist said...

Great! You are well on your way to passing.