Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shaking the dust off

So far I feel like I am trying to shake a medium layer of dust off of my MBE thinking.
In PMBR last night, the Torts questions weren't super great (I got 21/50) which is supposed to be in the average range. There were quite a few (at least 10-12) where I had it down to two answers and just picked the wrong one. PMBR really throws tricks in these questions so at least I am on track.
In the BarBri Studysmart software, I've done 40 questions (mostly intro level) and have 26 (65%) correct so far, which is good as that was one of my weaker subjects last summer.
As a primer for Crim Law at PMBR tonight, I did 30 Crim Law/Pro questions today and have 25/30, which is still solid (that was my best subject in practice last summer). My Crim Law/Pro profs in law school were awesome and it has helped that I had Crim Pro in my last semester in the spring of 07.
We'll see when Contracts and Property questions start to of those topics were definitely tough for me.

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