Thursday, December 13, 2007

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I just learned something about the DC bar exam that is useful...

For some reason, I thought one needed to get a minimum of 133 on each half of the exam (MBE and essays) to make the required 266 passing score. Instead, when you take the entire exam at the same time (both the MBE and essays) you can get the 266 by any combination (e.g., a 130 on the MBE and a 136 on the essays). This is good news, considering that my July 07 MBE scaled score was only a 126. Considering that DC uses two MPTs, I feel good about this as they total 25% of the overall score (the other 6 essays are only 25%) because I think the MPT is quite manageable. No doubt the MBE will again pose a stiff challenge for me.

As part of my new plan for the upcoming second (and final!) attempt at the MBE in February, I've purchased a couple of books on MBE strategy after reading about them in some other blogs and various online sources:

-Mastering the Multistate Bar Exam, by John Talamo
-MBE Survival Kit, by Jeff Adachi

and an overall guide

-Bar Exam Survival Kit, by Jeff Adachi

I think I've determined that, while I feel I did an adequate number of MBE questions (~1500) I didn't spend enough time learning the law behind the correct and incorrect answers. I'm going to focus on distinguishing (as Talamo outlines) learning with MBE questions and practicing with MBE questions. I'll learn correct/incorrect law by going over MBE questions slower with the answer/explanation. I'll practice some sets of questions in timed lots.

I didn't have a problem with finishing MBE questions in a timely manner- my average time on the BarBri Studysmart software was right around one minute per question and I was able to complete each half of the July 07 MBE with about 10 minutes to spare. I do think that I wasn't getting enough of the questions correct. From Studysmart, my overall percentage correct was around 57%, which I know I need to improve this time around- more law for me to raise my MBE score.

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