Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The freak train last night

I was headed home late on the Metro and I swear, my train was the freak train.
First, I had the LOUDEST LOUDTALKER ever. She was on the phone with a friend, but insisted on trying to talk as we went in and out of tunnels...which caused her to drop the call each time. I had my iPod on (glued to my ears lately with the gripping PMBR lectures) and I could hear just about every word of her conversation. How annoying.

As if the loudtalker wasn't enough, there was a woman behind her, across from me, that was, well, a handchewer. She sat there and gnawed on the back of her hands. I could see her teeth scraping. She would do it a while, then stop, then switch hands, stop, repeat. She looked normal in all other regards. She eventually pulled out a Washington Post to read- I thought that would curtail the gnawing. Nope- she just held the paper with one hand and kept at it. Very strange.

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