Monday, January 14, 2008

Trudging along

It sure looks dreary outside today...gray skies and some sprinkles.

This weekend was a pretty good one for studying.
Yesterday I watched the DVD and did the Evidence questions...14/17. I'm feeling a lot better about Evidence so far this winter.
I did my first batch of PMBR questions from the red (vol. 1) book. I did 34 Crim Law and got 20/34, but there were five where I had it down to two answers and just picked the wrong one so I am on track there I think.

I worked on my outline more- adding in the Agency notes from this past week and tweaking some Evidence stuff. This week we have Torts and Contracts for lectures.

I saw on the news this weekend that there was a gang of people that rode the Red Line on Saturday without pants - No Pants 2k8. Apparently some guy started this movement in New York on the subway in 2001. Just as a funny expression. I think it is pretty funny. I might have done it had I not been buried in a Conviser reviewing outlines and working on MBE questions.

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The Law Activist said...

How's it going there? I see that you are working hard. Please try to resist any feelings of being overwhelmed. You can do this! The bar exam is all about memorize, memorize, memorize. The # 1 thing is organization. Without that you're a goner. The bar exam is all one big memorization contest. But you know that. Good luck to you. I am keeping an eye on your blog.