Friday, January 25, 2008

Nothing much

Nothing special has been happening this week. BarBri keeps on moving. I must say that the prof doing the Property lectures, Paula Franzese, is pretty funny.

I was suffering from some Metro rage the other day. First, a bunch of people getting on the red line at Chinatown decided that they needed to start sticking out their elbows. Now I know we all wanted on that train bad, but elbows? I wanted to let those elbowers know that I did remember how to box out from my hoop days (and I weigh more than I did when I was a sophomore in high school, making my efforts more effective) but I refrained. Then, I had to tell people to pack it in the car....about 20-25 people came out our door, then only about 15 got in. C'mon people- fill it in!
To continue my level of annoyance- the damn people at the Farragut West platform NEVER get out of the way. The train stops, the doors open and there is usually a wall of people there. Move the fuck over, people. Seriously, there have been a bunch of times in the last week where I have to part people and move through them. I'm ready to make my train departure a little more forceful. Or maybe I'll just stand there until people move. That should get everyone happy. What I don't understand is that it seems to be worse at that station compared to others. The Pentagon was fine this morning- people leave the entire door width clear for people exiting the train. Perfect!
Yes- I just found it...I knew I saw a blog post somewhere about this same problem with elevator doors....over at Barred for life you can learn her tactics for dealing with it.

Enough about my commuting adventures. Last weekend I did quite a few MBE problems (from StudySmart, the PMBR red book, and the Strategies & Tactics. For some reason, the intermediate Contracts and Torts on StudySmart really kick my butt. I decided to do a quick tally of how many MBE problems I've done to date and I was surprised to see that I'm just over 1100. I'm running about 60% correct overall, which isn't too bad, but needs to improve. I haven't done many problems in Con Law or Property yet as I've been working a subject heavily as we encounter it in lecture to try and reinforce what I'm hearing. I'll be hitting Property hard this weekend.

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