Friday, January 4, 2008

I've never seen...

so many black North Face jackets. I mean I remember from my days working at an outdoor retailer how TNF clothing was the hot ticket for thieves and gangs. But here in D.C., I think 25% of the people I see walking around have a TNF jacket on and of those, 75% are some black TNF jacket variation. Wow.
It doesn't even get cold here!! (Spoken from a born-and-bred midwesterner that has seen winters a lot harsher than here)

I've always been intrigued by the desire of people to be trendy and vicariously outdoorsy by wearing the latest goodies. It makes those of us that have had the gear for a long time a little bitter. I started using TNF gear because it was bomber gear that you could count on for a long time (like my Cat's Meow sleeping bag, circa 1989, that is still going strong after costing me $135 back in the day). I've had a TNF jacket since '96 and even went as far as taking a black marker to the white logo to tone it down and make it look different/less attractive to thieves.

I was refreshed last night at BarBri class #1 on how crazy their paced plan is. Unless you were a full-time bum that required almost no sleep, there is just no way one can do everything BarBri suggests.

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