Monday, January 7, 2008

Weird black stuff

Another thing I forgot to write about the other day- what is with the weird black residue that you get from the handrails on the escalators in the D.C. Metro system? I like to grab them to make sure I don't take a digger as I hustle through a station but invariably I see later that I have this black gunk on my hand. It took me a while to figure out where it was coming from (somewhere on the train, something on the clothes/bag). I saw some Metro workers "cleaning" (or whatever they do to the handrails) and then put it's like they put shoe polish on the rails and it rubs off. Annoying.

I only got in a handful of hours on Saturday due to a dinner date with the mrs and a morning of major sleeping in to catch up on some missed hours of sleep.

I had a monster day of studying yesterday- very good production. It is going to be really hard to get done some of the infamous paced program items during the week- work during the day and then class in the evening doesn't leave much time to do anything. I can get a little done on the train ride home which is pretty quiet. Yesterday I tried to tick off any many things that I could logically do for this week:
-Watched the DVD and did the questions on Crim Law (rough there...7/17 correct but there were four questions where I had the correct answer as my alternate choice...those damn "best two answers" scenario...)
-Reviewed the handout notes of upcoming lectures (Agency/Partnership, Corps, Evidence)
-Did all 74 intermediate Crim Law questions from the StudySmart (on par with easy questions at 70% correct)
-Did the first 33 difficult Crim Law questions from StudySmart (not bad, 48% correct)
-Read/outlined MEE questions 1-4 for Crim Law

Seeing Whitebread (on video) last week brought back all the goofy memories from last summer. That guy is quite a character.

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