Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New title

I knew I wanted a different, better title from the get-go but I just couldn't come up with anything catchy. Maybe I'll try this one.
You know, the bar exam is sorta like barbed wire: it has its uses (limited?) and you sort of need it, but if you aren't paying attention it can f*&! you up bad, which is annoying. Now I sound like some tough rancher. I've never been on a real ranch, so that isn't me. It sounds good though.

Our room at BarBri last night was kind of smelly...I wish we weren't in a basement dungeon room without windows to the outside. I miss my summer class- fresh air in the room (when it wasn't too hot to have the window open), walks with my friend J on the breaks were glorious and lunch on the road as I went back to work.


Beanie said...

hey, good to see you're hanging in there for trip #2. Go fight win!

Midwesterner in D.C. said...

Thanks, beanie. Yay- my first comment!