Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The power of two words

So I was riding the Metro home last night after BarBri- the train was rather full because one of the four cars was "isolated" (as the driver kept saying) which meant that the doors to that particular car didn't open, forcing everyone into the other three cars.
Classmate A was sitting a seat away from me. I think we heard it at the same time- from some guys a couple of seats away...
"yadda yadda...Paced Program...yadda yadda"

A leaned toward me (we were sitting on opposite sides of the chairs in the middle of the car that are back-to-back) and said,
"Did he just say, 'Paced Program'?"
Me: "Yep, I heard it too"

Amazing what images two little words can conjure up.

I continued to listen to these guys talking about the Conviser, looking for the various levels of scrutiny for Con Law, hoping to keep all the info in Property straight, etc. Initially I couldn't tell what bar they were studying for, but then they started talking about whether or not they were going to do a Control-F search for their name when the results came out and then they mentioned Virginia.

Brothers-in-arms ... Good luck to you (and enjoy wearing your court attire during the exam).

I got back my third graded essay in BarBri and I got pounded on this one. The first two were 12/15. This one was a a 6/15, even though the first comment from the grader was "Very good essay"...apparently I was a bit sloppy with my analysis and didn't dig deep enough. The full-day simulated MBE is this Sunday...which should be great fun.

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